Beta Sigma Phi Cyber Council Bylaws


The Council would coordinate and disseminate communications among online chapters, International and all online sisters. This would involve information concerning online chapters, online gatherings, land conventions, information to assist groups with programs, projects and any events or matters of concern pertaining to Beta Sigma Phi. This Council would be the central contact for Beta Sigma Phi online chapters which would bring all online chapters together with information involving our sisterhood and our compassion and responsibility to each other as Sisters. This Council would provide a link for transferring sisters, Members-At-Large, or sisters who are traveling.

Adopted Feb/00

Article I - - Name

The name of this organization shall be The Beta Sigma Phi Cyber Council.

Adopted Feb/00

Article II - - Meetings

Regular meetings of the Beta Sigma Phi Cyber Council shall be held quarterly. The date, time and method of meeting shall be as stated in the Standing Rules.

Adopted Feb/00

Revised July/2019

Emergency meetings of the Beta Sigma Phi Cyber Council shall be convened, as needed, by any elected Cyber Council Officer, OR upon request of representatives from one half plus one of the online chapters active in the Cyber Council to any elected Cyber Council Officer. Given the nature of the emergency, as much notice as possible shall be given of the meeting and every effort made to see that all representatives are notified.

Adopted Feb/00

Article III - - Membership

Membership in the Beta Sigma Phi Cyber Council shall consist of three (3) representatives from each participating online chapter.

Adopted Feb/00

Artiicle IV - - Quorum

The quorum for conducting business for the Beta Sigma Phi Cyber Council shall be 2/3 of the active member chapters of the Council.

Adopted Mar/00

Article V - - Officers

The Officers of the Cyber Council shall be: President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Assistant Recording Secretary and a Correspondent Committee of two (or more).

Additional Duties: Vice President shall assist the President and preside in her absence. Recording Secretary shall preside in case of the absence or inability of both the President and Vice President.

Assistant Recording Secretary shall prepare and distribute the Recap Report in the absence of the Recording Secretary or when the Recording Secretary needs to preside at a meeting.

Revised Sep/14

Article VI - - Supplementary Appointments

Nominating Committee

The nominating committee shall be comprised of one representative from each active member chapter of the Cyber Council.

Adopted Mar/00

Article VII- - Other

Official beginning date for Cyber Council

April 30, 2000 shall be the official beginning date of the Beta Sigma Phi Cyber Council.

Adopted Mar/00

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Revised July 31, 2019